Lincoln As The South Should Know Him

Paperback, 54 pages $7.99

When America understands Lincoln as the South did in 1860, this nation can then begin to undo the adverse consequences of Appomattox. — Walter D. Kennedy and James R. Kennedy, authors of The South Was Right!

Truth of the War Conspiracy of 1861

Paperback, 60 pages $7.99

How Lincoln and his co-conspirators used deceit, half truths, lies and violation of international law to promote their war conspiracy.. — Walter D. Kennedy and James R. Kennedy, authors of The South Was Right!

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People of the Townhouse

Debra Hughey is considered by many as the expert of Creek Indian culture and history in the Tallapoosa River Valley of East-Central, Alabama. Discovering new things about the original inhabitants of Tallassee, Alabama, has been her life-long passion.

Paperback, 178 pages $19.95

Another Look at Six Myths in The Lost Cause

History books, the media, school systems and on, and on, and on, abound in falsehoods and inaccuracies of Confederate and Southern history. Here are but a few fictional teachings which are presented today as true.

Paperback, 55 pages $9.99

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The Confederate Book

of Quotes & Narratives

Paperback, 165 pages $15.99

The hope for this book is to show the narrative of the day when the South was invaded by those who desired to inflict their ideals, morals and attitudes, just because “these Southerners” needed to be brought back under the Northerner’s way of life, their philosophy of life and their interpretation of the law. But above all, it was because the Northerners way of life was jolted economically when the Southern states seceded from the Union.

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North Carolina Troops 1861 -1865, Vol. I

Paperback, Indexed, 184 pages


A new collection of source material for all genealogical researchers. It also serves to honor the memory of the men who answered the call of their state to protect home, hearth and family.

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The Owl and The Horseshoe

Debra Hughey chronicles the typical Creek village prior to the decisive Battle of Horseshoe Bend in 1814, providing the reader with an intimate capsule of Creek life in the Hillabee Village of central Alabama.

Paperback, 192 pages $14.95

North Carolina Troops 1861 -1865, Vol. II

Paperback, Indexed, 198 pages


This is Chuck Purser’s last research work before he unfortunately lost his battle with cancer. However, his work goes on with this publication. This new information is not included in Volume I or the 18 volume NC Troops.

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General Robert E. Lee

Paperback, 44 pages $5.00

This original pamphlet has been out of print for more than a hundred years and not many were printed or survive today. That is the purpose of reprinting this small book. Not only to honor General Lee and Captain Ashe, but all Confederate Veterans and to leave this information for future generations.

The Confederate Truth

and Nothing But the Truth

Paperback, 272 pages $19.99

For more than 150 years the Northern perspective has been the one dominant narrative. This is where primary sources come in. Having these sources at our disposal the student of history will quickly notice it didn’t quite happen the way they have been taught in school. My hope for this writing is that it will be used as a resource book.

Paperback, 136 pages $11.00

Cleveland Brown was born November 2, 1937, in Ashburn, Georgia. He was raised in Sibley, Georgia, during his early days and in Ashburn, Georgia, at the Stevens Street Projects. As a teenager he helped his father make moonshine on the Williams farm in Sibley, before they moved to Ashburn. As an adult, Cleveland returned to his hometown to live. To his disappointment, he found race relations in Ashburn had not changed. Cleveland will present his thoughts about today’s black youth, small town law enforcement, and who should be educating the African American child, among other subjects relevant to blacks living in the deep South.

Moonshine and Living in the Deep South

Sherman’s Rascals

Paperback, 72 pages $12.00

The ladies who wrote about their experiences wanted future generations to know about their trials and tribulations in the spring of 1865. Their stories have been almost forgotten, but they are printed in these pages for you to read and study, and to pass on to generations yet to come. For if one generation forgets, these stories will be lost for all eternity.

Let’s not let this happen!

The Nation In Gray

Paperback, 166 pages $15.99

This book is about the culture of the South and specifically, the Confederate States of America, from 1861-1865. The attempt here is to expose those things the people of the Confederacy held dear. Those things which were terms of endearment to the Southern people: its religion, its patriotism, its love of family and its culture. What you will see here is simple clarity. Enjoy!

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Paperback, 272 pages,  $15.00

Memoirs of a Lady Cannoneer

My War Between the States re-enacting career as a Lady Cannoneer came about unexpectedly. From September of 1997 to October of 2015, I have been blessed to re-enact many battles of the War Between the States. During this time, I have met many congenial Confederates who share my passion and formed many precious friendships with re-enactors. This is my story. — Ann Rives Zappa

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Paperback, 120 pages,  $15.00

A Southern View of the Invasion of the Southern States and War of 1861-65

This little pamphlet should be in the home of every true Southerner. It tells in detail facts of history which even the people of the South have not always known. Captain Ashe backs all of his statements with a reference to the book and page. In this little pamphlet he has done a great work, one which entitles him to the gratitude of the people of the South, and their thanks for preserving the real facts of history. A reprint of the second edition first published in 1938.

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Paperback, 166 pages $15.00

Southern Fried Ramblings

If we view the South as an antebellum home, Southern Fried Ramblings With Grits and All the Fixings would be the grand entrance of that stately home. The very act of approaching the home is filled with hints of greater things to come. And just like the South, both past and present, the home is filled with many rooms and very interesting people.

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Dead or Disabled: The North Carolina Confederate Pensions 1885 Series

Paperback, 8.5 x 11, 194 pages $35.00

These files contain information on nearly 3,100 men from North Carolina who died during the war and on more than 1,500 men who suffered disabling wounds.

Memoir of Nathaniel Macon

of North Carolina

North Carolina’s most historically significant political leader, whose legacy and philosophy and  character influenced not only generations of Tar Heels, but also a host of very illustrious Southerners, their thinking, and the very manner in which they lived their lives and viewed the society around them. He was, indeed, to  quote his contemporaries, “the father of states’ rights” and the figure most critical in the actual development and survival of the states’ rights philosophy which still, in some ways, percolates in American politics.

Paperback, 50 pages $9.99

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A Confederate Catechism

This is a reprint of an original 12-page narrow pamphlet published in 1929 by the son of the 10th president of the United States, John Tyler. Lyon Gardiner Tyler was a noted historian, educator and author in his own right. He wrote this pamphlet to help correct the propaganda about the South, and his father, by Northern writers and publishers. It is short, concise and should be read by every student, not only in the South, but in the United States.

Paperback, 44 pages $5.00

Hardback, 50 pages,  $12.00

General Lee and Santa Claus

General Lee and Santa Claus is a delightful children’s Christmas book first published in 1867, a scant two years after the end of the War for Southern Independence. This is the story of three young Southern girls trying to understand why Santa Claus didn’t visit the little Southern children during the four Christmases of the War. With the help of their auntie,  they ponder this question one afternoon and finally write a letter to General Robert E. Lee, knowing he would be able to answer their question.

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As You May Never See Us Again

A Story Behind Every Stone

Paperback, 142 pages $15.00

Paperback, 130 pages $15.00

A collection of letters sent home from the front lines of the War by two brothers to their mother and sister. Their father was one of the founders of Wake Forest College.

A history of the Confederate section of Oakwood Cemetery in Raleigh, NC. Includes a complete roster of almost 1,400 soldiers.

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